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Gone are the days when the standard classroom involved a teacher giving a lecture at the blackboard and students dutifully flicking through textbooks, copying down notes. The digital revolution has given students and teachers a wealth of exciting new resources and tools which are improving educational standards every day – and none of them are more versatile than using free flipbook software to create a flipbook.
Flipbooks are essentially digital books which can be viewed on any device. They’re easy to make, they’re stylish and straightforward to read, and they don’t have an impact on school printing budgets. Could the humble free flipbook software revolutionise education?

The ‘flipped classroom’ concept

Flipbooks are extremely well-suited to the appropriately-named ‘flipped classroom’ concept. Rather than students listening to a lecture in class, before being given additional homework to complete individually, the idea of the ‘flipped classroom’ involves students reading notes and gaining a basic understanding of a new concept before they take part in the class. Then, when they sit down in the classroom, they can take part in collaborative discussions to further their knowledge on the subject, rather than floundering with homework they might not understand.
It’s easy to see how flipbooks made from free flipbook software would fit in with this educational model. By sending children a flipbook outlining the basic concepts of, say, photosynthesis, would allow them to understand the core ideas before they come to class ready to ask questions, engage in debate and improve their understanding. Try it yourself by creating a flipbook using free flipbook software now!


Students grow up with technology

The students of today have grown up with smartphones and tablet devices as the norm. In many cases, they’re more at home with a stylus and a touchscreen than they are with a pen and paper! Utilising a flipbook from free flipbook software as part of your educational plan simply acknowledges that times have changed, and it gives teachers a chance to educate using a medium that children are intensely familiar with.

Interactivity keeps children engaged

Flipbooks are far more attractive than standard textbooks. They can be designed to include video and audio, as well as links to other learning materials that students might find useful. This creates a richer, more engaging learning experience for students, encouraging them to be a part of their education, rather than a passive bystander.

Children can use flipbook made from free flipbook software themselves

As well as being a fantastic tool for teachers, flipbooks can be a great way for children to demonstrate their knowledge on a particular subject. Just as, in the past, teachers have asked students to make presentations or write essays on a certain topic, they can now request that they create a stylish and informational flipbook to show how much they’ve learned.
There is a multitude of free flipbook software available online to make the task a little easier. Helping children become accustomed to creating their own flipbooks can only be a good thing – this form of digital content is the future, and if students can learn how to master it at an early age, as they are with many other digital formats, they’ll have a distinct advantage.
Would you use a flipbook in the classroom? How do you think digital content is changing education? Let us know in the comments!

Last modified: August 9, 2016

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