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The rise of online publishing has significantly transformed how we consume content – and of course, the savvy content marketers out there have been watching this revolution very closely. Online publishing has brought about many innovative new formats, and one of the most exciting is the flipbook – a shareable, interactive digital book which combines the best components of physical and online publishing to create something new and special. Flipbooks can be made from a free flipbook creator and they come with a multitude of benefits and dynamic features that have caught the attention of content marketers everywhere as they seek to make an impact on their audience. Here’s why flipbooks might just be a content marketer’s new best friend:
Interactivity is key
The digital world has seen consumers’ habits evolve. The humble consumer is no longer simply a passive reader – they are an active participant in the content they’re consuming. The flipbook format recognises this and puts interactivity front and centre. Marketers using a free flipbook creator can embed video and audio into the file to create more of an ‘experience’ for the reader. There’s also the ability to add clickable links, which supplements the experience even further and adds real value for the reader.
The consumer of today wants to feel like they can really engage with something. The flipbook delivers this sense of interactivity and participation in abundance.

They’re more feature-rich than PDFs
PDFs have been a common file format for many years, with content creators choosing to create magazines, newsletters and other promotional materials in this format. Unfortunately, there are a few areas where PDFs fall behind when compared to flipbooks, even the ones made with a free flipbook creator – especially when consumers are using very basic PDF viewing software to access the content.
Flipbooks allow for simple searching of the entire document, so users can easily navigate an entire catalogue in seconds if they need to. There’s also an option to bookmark pages and zoom in to view certain areas in greater detail. Unlike the PDF, a free flipbook creator puts the consumer in control.
They’re cheaper than magazines

Designing a magazine and having it printed on high-quality paper can be a costly task, but if you know your way around any of the popular pieces of free flipbook creator software, you’ll be able to design your own stylish and slick online magazine without needing to outsource the job.
Online publishing is also totally free! It won’t cost you anything to showcase your new content, especially in comparison to the cost of direct mail and other distribution options.


Flipbooks are responsive
Imagine how many different devices will be used to consume your content once it’s live. Some might choose to flip through the magazine on their laptop, while others might use their smartphone to access it during a commute. Certain consumers might use their tablet device, which is particularly suited to the magazine-style format of flipbooks.
The good news is that flipbooks are totally responsive, which means they naturally adapt to the device that they’re being viewed on. Viewing a PDF can be tricky on a small screen, but flipbooks adjust themselves to ensure you can still read every single word and view all images as they were intended to be seen.

Are you a content marketer with your eye on the flipbook trend? Have you used a free flipbook creator before and experienced great success? Let us know in the comments!

Last modified: August 9, 2016

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