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The world of beauty and fashion blogging has gone stratospheric in recent years, with many of the top bloggers in the UK now ranked as bona fide social influencers. Whether they’re uploading a ‘haul’ video showing their latest purchases, or a tutorial on how to create the most recent makeup look, these social stars pull in millions of viewers and have legions of adoring fans. However, these guys have not really ventured into the flipbook world. Using a free flip book maker, they can really make an impact.
For every Zoella or Tanya Burr, there are thousands of others trying to have an impact online – but the sector is so crammed, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Everyone is looking for the next big thing, the new platform or publishing format – it got us thinking: how would flipbooks made using a free flip book maker fare in the world of fashion and beauty blogging?


Create your own magazine with a free flip book maker

Many beauty and fashion bloggers nowadays post stunning images that are worthy of any editorial in a glossy magazine. So why not cut out the middleman and make a stylish magazine to showcase a ‘lookbook’ or make-up tutorial? This is easily accomplished with a flipbook – they’re easy to put together using a free flip book maker, and it’s simple to create layouts and designs that look like they’re straight off the pages of Glamour or Marie Claire.


Include affiliate links


Many bloggers include affiliate programs as part of their business model, and this can easily be integrated into a flipbook. Links can be embedded into flipbooks, even with a free flip book maker, with no trouble at all, making it easy for beauty and fashion bloggers to supplement their income off the back of their high-quality content.


Corner the market


There don’t seem to be any beauty or fashion bloggers out there making full use of flipbooks right now – so the opportunity is there for someone to corner the market and make it their own! Every blogger needs to have their own niche or their own style – some are known for their laid-back style, some are renowned for posting fun clips on Snapchat, some prioritise Instagram above all else. Why not make an effort to be known as ‘the blogger that produces exceptionally stylish flipbooks’? With a wide choice of free flip book makers out there, why not?


Use multimedia


One of our favourite things about flipbooks is that they’re highly interactive, and you can use various types of multimedia, including video and audio as well as your standard images and text. A beauty blogger could, for example, post a video of their latest makeup tutorial, surrounded by images and links to the products they used. A fashion blogger could also post a popular ‘Get Ready With Me’ video, with links to the clothes they bought and accessories they showcased. These formats are already well-known on YouTube and in the blogging sphere – but deploying them in a flipbook puts a stylish new twist on it.


Flipbooks are highly shareable

One of the best ways to raise your profile in the blogging community is by creating content that people want to share – and flipbooks are intensely shareable. By including a ‘Share’ link at the end of the flipbook, you can encourage readers to promote the flipbook (and, by extension, your blog). All it takes is a few high-profile pals to cotton on, and your traffic will soar! Within a free flip book maker, they have social links for all the top platforms.
Calling all fashion and beauty bloggers: would you consider putting together a flipbook for a post?

Last modified: August 9, 2016

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