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Our readers already know that we love flipbooks, but we still like to bring you many reasons why we believe they are so great. We know that they look amazing and fun to use, but we really do believe that they are the future of digital publishing! Everything is going digital now and publishing is no exception. Take this blog for example, you wouldn’t be here reading this article if it wasn’t for the digital world. Plus, how did you find this post? I believe it wasn’t from a newspaper advert asking you to get online! No, it would most likely have been through a search engine, or recommended by a friend in an email or social media. This is just how the world is these days and publishing needs to keep up with the trend.

Why the future is turning digital


When the term “digital media” first started getting thrown about, there was a lot of scepticism in the air about whether this was just some silly prediction and whether the digital world would be able to produce enough revenue to prove worthwhile. However, this was back in the day when smartphones were not so prevalent; with smartphone and tablet usage overtaking desktop usage, things are really starting to change.


Think about what a company’s marketing strategy would be about 15 years ago, before the days of social media; that strategy simply would not fly in 2016, as you would be missing out on several valuable marketing weapons. The Internet is the first place many people go to for information and so a company’s online presence is absolutely vital. Considering stats show that around 80% of millennial check their phones first thing in the morning, it is quite clear that digital publishing is taking over.


How to prepare for digital publishing

So, most of us have accepted that online is the new normal now, but how do we keep up and adapt to the fast-paced environment? For example, we absolutely love flipbooks and believe that they are definitely featured within the future of digital publishing. But how can we integrate flipbooks into our marketing strategies and how can we generally keep up? Well, we have put together a few tips on things you need to consider:


Responsiveness is a must


It goes without saying now that you must ensure that your flipbook or digital publishing product is compatible with all devices, no matter what the size is. When designing for print, you never actually had to worry about this – usually you had fixed dimensions and space to work with. Now, the possibilities are endless and you must cater for all. It used to be the case that people could just design one flipbook for desktop and one for mobile. But now there are so many different devices out there and more and more being made too. So, you would be endlessly making different-sized and different resolution flipbooks if you were to cater for all. This is why responsiveness is absolutely key – your flipbook should be able to automatically adjust to its environment.


Dynamic content

 With a standard magazine, once you release an edition, that’s it – you cannot edit or go back and update the content. The updates would need to wait until the next issue. However, people are not that patient these days – they expect instant updates and real-time information. Now, obviously you cannot quite provide that within a flipbook, but you can come very close. Since a flipbook is interactive and you can embed videos, audio, links etc. You can add linked images or direct readers to a website which contains real-time information on that story. This means that readers can always keep up to date, no matter when they read the flipbook. This is completely revolutionary and will really change the future of publishing.


Get Social


We cannot stress enough just how important social media is. It is not just for tweens who want to find out what their favourite celebrity is up to anymore. It is actually an extremely powerful marketing tool and some companies have seen tremendous success purely from being so active and productive on social media.


If you embed social media links into your flipbooks, you can make it easier for your readers to follow your stories and share with friends. If you produce a great piece of content, why not let people share it with 100s of others and spread the word about how great your content is.



Last modified: August 10, 2016

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