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Presentations are a regular part of working life for many people, but how do you stand out? Plenty of roles all over the world involve standing up in front of an audience of peers or potential customers and conveying an important message with a stylish and practised presentation. Try a flipbook presentation!
Those who are accustomed to making presentations as part of their job are likely to have a set of predefined presentation templates which they deploy every time they need to make an impact or dazzle their audience. But what if there was a new way to wow the crowd and get your message across? What if you used a flipbook presentation instead?
Flipbooks are stylish digital ‘books’, with pages that turn like the real thing. They’re also highly interactive, with the ability to embed videos, links, animations and sound effects, all of which can dramatically enhance your presentation. Check out how choosing a flipbook presentation could help take your next presentation up a notch.

A flipbook presentation offer attractive layouts

When creating a flipbook presentation, the sky is the limit when it comes to your layout. Ditch the boring slideshow style you’ve always opted for and try something new, where your creativity can be truly unleashed. There are many flipbook creation tools out there which make designing your own presentation easy and efficient, without compromising on aesthetics.

A flipbook presentation is highly interactive

The flipbook presentation format makes it easier than ever to create something truly interactive; a piece of content that will truly engage your audience. You can embed audio, video and static images to every page for added impact, and you can set up links to supplementary content that you recommend to your audience. Trying to add videos and links to regular presentations can often leave them looking clunky, but when it comes to a flipbook presentation, embedded features integrate seamlessly with any layout.

Flipbook presentations are cross-platform compatible

If you would like your audience to have access to your presentation after the event itself, you need to ensure you upload something which users of different operating systems will be able to access. If you create a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, you may risk alienating users on other operating systems who can’t read up on your notes or follow your presentation’s links at a later date. By using a flipbook presentation, everyone can open and view the presentation, no matter what operating system they’re using.

A flipbook presentiation has translation tools

There may be situations where you will need to make a presentation to those who are not native English speakers. How can you get your message across in this instance? Simple – deploy your flipbook presentiation’s translation tool. Readers can switch language as they wish, so they’ll all be able to keep up with your presentation without missing a beat.

Flipbooks are mobile-friendly

Flipbooks can be configured to be responsive, which means the layout can be adjusted to suit any device. In a world where people show up to presentations using a variety of branded smartphones, tablets and laptops to follow the action and make their own notes, it pays to have a presentation that looks great on any device.

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Last modified: August 10, 2016

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