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Freelancers in the UK are no longer a rare breed. The IPSE estimates there are around 1.91m freelancers in the UK, a growth of 36% since 2008. Research carried out by PeoplePerHour also estimates that a staggering 50% of the entire working population could be classed as self-employed freelancers by 2020.
With half of workers set to become freelancers in just five short years, the market is likely to get much tougher. Many freelancers already find it hard to attract new clients – how will they pull in new leads now, with thousands more skilled self-starters to compete with?
The answer lies in standing out in the crowd – a feat easily accomplished by turning your staid, uninteresting online portfolio into a vibrant, dazzling flipbook using flip book software free. Here’s why you should be considering ‘flipbooking’ your body of work.
They’re easy to make
For many, especially those whose freelance talents lie outside of graphic design, the thought of creating a flipbook portfolio with flip book software free can be stressful. But there are dozens of excellent flip book software free tools on the web which can be used to develop stylish, eye-catching portfolios, without needing extensive experience in the design realm. Even the process of adding audio and video is fairly straightforward – freelancers can have their flipbook portfolio up and running in no time at all.
You can integrate flipbooks anywhere
Once you’ve created your flipbook with flip book software free, you can embed or link to it online, making it intensely shareable. Copy the link to your social media profiles, or embed the flipbook onto your professional website. Send the link in an email to a potential client, or simply add it to your email signature, so that anyone you correspond with can easily access your best work and see what you’re capable of. The best part is, you’ll have an unlimited supply of copies from your flip book software free!

Flipbooks show your capability and industry insight
If you work in the fields of digital marketing or graphic design, your flipbook can double up as an example of your excellent industry nous. The flipbook itself will not only showcase your best work, but it’ll also show potential clients that you’re a creative thinker, someone who is up-to-date on the latest digital trends, and someone who isn’t satisfied with sending a plain CV or generic portfolio.
You’ll stand out in the crowd
Flipbooks are growing in popularity, correct. Many experts believe they’ll be the dominant form of digital content eventually. But for now, they’re still exciting and unusual, offering a great way for a freelancer to make their voice heard and get their proposal to the top of the list.

They’ll never become outdated
The beauty of hosting a flipbook online is the fact it can never become obsolete. Every change you make to your flipbook will automatically be applied to every link and embedded version of your flipbook, to ensure that no one will accidentally be reading an older version. This is especially useful if you’re updating your price list – the last thing you need is for a client to be in possession of the older list with your previous rates!

Would you consider turning your portfolio into a flipbook using a flip book software free? Have you any experience of doing so? Let us know in the comments!

Last modified: August 10, 2016

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