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If you sell products or services, you probably realise that a great way to display them is in a catalogue. However, with printing costs and distribution difficulties, a printed catalogue may not always reach your target market as easily as you would hope. The world has turned digital, and the first place a consumer would look online for information is online. This is why every business should have a website and a strong online presence if they want the best chances to succeed. So, how do companies adapt their marketing strategies for the digital world? They create an eCatalog instead! And this can be done very easily with a free flipbook maker.

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Benefits of an eCatalog


In addition to getting online exposure for your business, you will find that having an eCatalog will reduce costs and help increase your sales. It will essentially provide a virtual shop front for your business. With a free flipbook maker, you can create a highly interactive eCatalog where your customers can connect with your brand. You can include a shopping cart, links to landing pages and videos about your products. It also makes it incredibly easy for customers to search products and share their favourite items on social networks. All these interactive features are easy to include in your eCatalog created by a free flipbook maker.


Which free flipbook maker to use?


If you are looking for a reliable free flipbook maker to create your eCatalog, then PubHTML5 could be a good choice. It is a web-based software and offers a live conversion of your eCatalog so that you can see your results right away!

PubHTML5 free flipbook maker


Flipping Book is perfect for two types of eCatalogs in particular; the fashion and luxury type of e-commerce magazine that will help bring interactivity and fun to your company’s brand. However, this free flipbook maker is also an excellent choice for a product eCatalog which wants to be displayed on a variety of devices.

If the features of a free flipbook maker do not quite cut it for you, then 3D Issue has a premium option, which provides professional features. You can check out their webinar on it, if it interests you.

3d issue free flipbook maker

How an eCatalog can increase your sales


With an increased customer engagement, you are more likely to have a satisfied customer who is excited about your brand. Therefore, they will be more likely to share your products on social media and with their friends. It makes it easy to promote discounts and deals, as there are natural links in eCatalogs and customers can get notifications on their apps about limited time offers.


A simple eCatalog created with a free flipbook maker can even help with your website’s SEO too. With the interactive videos, call to actions and images in the eCatalog, you can provide links to your online store, where your customers can find out more about their favourite products. These links back will help improve your site’s rankings and in turn, increase your sales.


Last modified: September 22, 2016

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