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So you’ve created your own digital magazine using flipping book software and published it for the world to see. People are giving you great feedback on your flipbook magazine, but how do you know how popular it is? Yes, you can listen to what people are saying and keep an eye out for the social media buzz, but what if you want real data? How do you know which of your magazine editions are performing better than others? Did you get your target audience right? Without analysing the exact statistics of how your digital magazine is performing, you won’t know the answers to these questions and whether your flipping book software has produced a successful product or not. This article should help you set up analytics for your digital magazine to track its success.


Use the right flipping book software


Depending on what flipping book software you use to create your digital magazine, you might be able to set up analytics directly from the software. For example, 3d Issue flipping book software allows you to enter your Google Analytics code directly within your flipbook and analyse all the readers’ data. Google Play Newsstands can also have Google Analytics directly embedded. FlipHTML5 is another flipping book software which allows a direct bed of Google Analytics into its platform.


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What statistics should you track?


There are essentials that you must track, to determine the success of your digital magazine. These are:

  • Total readers per issue
  • Page views (which pages are the most popular)
  • Video views
  • Link clicks
  • Bounce rate (which pages were exited the most quickly)
  • Percentage of new viewers each edition
  • Total reading time

These statistics alone will give you a lot of insight about your digital magazine. Which pages perform best? Why is this? Which editions have the most new viewers? Is this because of the magazine or did the marketing strategy change for that edition? With these statistics, you can analyse your approach for the next magazine.


Call to actions/Sales Funnels


Your digital magazine needs to make money somehow and usually advertising is the key. Whether you are looking to promote your own website or product, you need to have great call to actions on your pages. You can create these directly within your flipping book software. Try creating similar call to actions with different sales funnels and vice versa, to see which ones produce the best results.

Analytics is especially great here if you want to show your advertisers which pages make the most money and produce the most clicks. You can sell advertising space on those pages at a higher rate.


How to set up Google Analytics on your flipping book software

google analytics flipping book software

Since Google Analytics is the leading statistics program out there for this kind of stuff, it is our choice for tracking your statistics on your digital magazine. Plus, it’s free! Each flipping book software will have a different way of integrating your Google Analytics with its program. And, if your flipping book software does not even give this option, you may want to start looking for an alternative flipping book software option so that you can start monitoring your digital magazine’s success now!

Last modified: August 21, 2016

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