10 Advantages of a Digital Magazine over Print


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It’s 2016 and the world has gone digital, so don’t leave your magazines behind. Whilst the old fashioned magazines are nice and glossy, you could be producing digital flipbooks that have a whole lot more! Plus, they could really help you boost your sales. We have decided to put together a list of advantages of a digital magazine instead of a normal print magazine to help you see what benefits you could be receiving.


  1. Global Distribution

One of the advantages of a digital magazine is that your publication could become an international one at the touch of a button. Without those ghastly international postage costs, anyone can “ship” their magazine worldwide. This is also a great way to maintain those loyal customers who have relocated abroad. By offering them a digital version of the magazine, they can continue to subscribe, wherever they moved to.


  1. Reduced Costs

The difficulty when starting a print magazine is not knowing how many copies you need to print and factoring in costs. If you print a lot of copies, the production price per copy reduces, but then you could end up with lots of unwanted copies at the end. If you print less copies, then your production price per copy increases drastically. One of the advantages of a digital magazine is that you never have to worry about that at all! You just need to create one digital magazine and this can be shared as many times as possible without increasing the price.


  1. Multiple Formats


If you turn your digital magazine into a flipbook, you will be able to view it across a wide range of platforms and channels. One of the most popular ways that readers view digital magazines is from the iPad Newsstand app. The popularity of this app is enormous and with iPad sales increasing every year, the popularity will only grow. By having your digital magazine in the form of a flipbook that will appear as part of the Newsstand app will be a huge benefit to readers so they can easily access your flipbook.


  1. Brings Content Alive

A digital flipbook contains a ton of interactive features that makes it extremely easy and fun for the reader to use. Instead of seeing pictures advertising a brand or a product, you may see a clickable element or even a video. The device that the reader views your flipbook on may be much smaller than that of a print magazine, so you need to use the space wisely. You can fill the header with buttons that expand to an interactive menu to take the reader to a different element or to share the flipbook on social media or via email. Bringing content alive is just one of the many advantages of a digital magazine.


  1. Get to know your audience

Another one of the advantages of a digital magazine, is that you get the option to add tracking software to your flipbook which monitors every single click the user does. This sounds a little bit 1984, but many websites are already kitted with this kind of software… you just don’t realise it! By analysing the data that comes back, you get to know exactly how your users read the digital magazine, what elements they click on the most and which parts perform the best. You can also add things like a “Favourite” button to see what readers like the most.


  1. Measure Everything!

In addition to our previous point about measuring what the reader likes, you can also easily measure your advertising stats. By inserting interactive media, such as audio files, pop-up links and videos for your advertisers, you can report back to them with statistics to show exactly how many times these links have been clicked and even where their leads are based. This hugely beneficial information to the advertisers is another one of the advantages of a digital magazine and cannot be done in a print magazine. This will make advertising in your publication a lot more attractive and in turn help to increase your revenue.


  1. Content Flexibility

A popular concern and issue for magazine publishers is judging the space available in the magazine and being limited to a fixed layout. Contributors often go over their written allowance and editors will have to make subjective cuts to their work. This will not only disappoint the contributors, but creates a difficult job for the editors. With a digital magazine, this is not even an issue – you can easily add pages or change the layout of the magazine without any trouble. There will be no extra printing costs for the extra pages created – probably one of the best economic advantages of a digital magazine.


  1. Reach New Customers

If you already run a print magazine, you will have a customer base established already. However, you will reach a whole new audience by putting your magazine online. Many people browse the app store for magazines frequently, but won’t necessarily visit a store to browse the magazines. So, not only will you give your current readers more flexibility, you will increase your customer reach too.


  1. Quick Feedback

How do you know what people think about your magazine? Do you wait for readers to write in to tell you? Most won’t bother with the effort of doing that. With a digital flipbook, you can get instant feedback on your product! Whether it is in the form of a review on the App store or from an interactive satisfaction survey you embedded in the flipbook, you will know in seconds what people think about your app. That way, you can make very quick improvements too.


  1. Easily Shared

The whole world and its dog is on social media these days and if your business is not on there, you are severely missing out. You can embed social media links on every single page of your flipbook if you wanted! Encourage your readers to share something if they like it and get them to do your marketing for you. You will be amazed at what a few shares or “re-tweets” would do for your business.



At the end of the day, creating a digital magazine doesn’t even affect the print industry like many say it does. Statistics1 show that 87% of digital magazine readers would still want a printed copy if possible. So, a digital flipbook is not a replacement for a print magazine, it is merely an additional feature.


Check out this great infographic that Digital Magazine Publishing .net did on the advantages of digital magazine publishing. Much more succinct than our article – they show all the advantages of a digital magazine in one picture!



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Last modified: August 10, 2016

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