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We love reading flipbooks, creating a flipping book free and discovering new flipbooks and ideas for their use. This is why we put together some fun examples of flipbooks we have seen online and just how fabulous they can look!

Children’s Book or Online Portfolio

This is an amazing example of how a website has been turned into a flipping book free. This looks like a professional children’s book with beautiful illustrations throughout. However, it is in fact an online CV or portfolio of that artist’s work! An absolutely stunning and unique way to display your work. It is sure to get you noticed!

Full tabbed magazine

This example was created by E-page Creator and looks like a big bound booklet with several tabs. It looks amazingly life-like, but it is actually a digital magazine! It is for a photographer’s magazine, but anything can be designed in this way. We love that you can even use it as a scrapbook and stay organised, or even an address book with tabbed sections for different letters. Each contact could have a mini bio, picture and even links to social media!

There are so many different creative ideas that you can do with a flipping book free!

Educational Brochure

One of the reasons many businesses create an online blog and invite people to subscribe to it is to build up a database that they can sell a product to at a later date. Quite often, people turn their blogs into e-books, as they can be marketed as a product and they are very inexpensive to make. A very cool alternative to basic e-books is to make a flipping book free.

This example is of a Google guide called “Make your website work” and gives 10 ways to convert visitors into buyers. This topic has actually been written about several times and usually comes under the title of “lead generation” or possibly “lead nurturing”. Most people publish an article about this topic on their blog or website and that’s that. However, Google have used 3D Issue‘s flipbook software in order to create an amazing flipping book free out of the article instead. It looks much more impressive than a standard blog post that’s for sure!

Fashion Magazine 

Of course fashion magazines usually look the best in magazine format – there is a reason why they are extremely popular in the magazine world. The products featured are designed to be extremely aesthetic and then the shiny, glossy photos are always impressive.

We love this flipbook by Dolce & Gabbana, which was made by Flip HTML5‘s flipbook software. The fact there is an elegant background to the flipbook too just adds to the effect. The flipbook is in fact just images, showing some of that particular line, but it does end with a link to their website. They obviously don’t realise how much more they can do with flipbooks!


Full Website

Yes, that’s right! You can actually design an entire website in the form of a flipping book free! It really does look incredible! Flipbooks are so amazing and versatile, that there are so many possibilities for them. This particular site is actually a website template called MagicBook and so you can purchase the template and just get these effects right away. It really is that simple.



Last modified: August 9, 2016

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