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Flipbooks are the next frontier in digital content, and their rise marks a move towards greater interactivity for audiences everywhere. The trusty flipbook is versatile and powerful, and the beauty of this format is that there are so many flipbook uses; they can be used in so many different ways, to convey a multitude of ideas and messages.

Thinking of embarking on your own flipbook adventure? Here are five dynamic flipbook uses and how you can use this format to make a real impact.

Product brochure or catalogue

What better way to display your products than in a slick and stylish flipbook brochure? Rather than waiting for the new catalogue fall onto their doormat, your customers can download the brochure to their smartphone or tablet device and browse it just as they would a real catalogue. The biggest bonus here is the introduction of interactivity. You can embed videos and animations into your flipbook so that customers can see a product in action and you can include links to product pages, meaning those who like what they see can buy without delay.



Rather than sending out your organisation’s newsletter in the traditional way, why not opt for a more cutting-edge method of delivering your latest news? Flipbooks are more engaging than standard paper, and you can create and distribute them for less than you’d spend on design and printing services. This option is the most ideal of the flipbook uses for charities or non-profit organisations that want to engage with their audience while sticking to a strict budget.


Many freelancers and creatives have portfolios online, which they can send to anyone considering hiring or commissioning them. But what if you jazzed up your freelance portfolio by transforming it into a flipbook? This is becoming one of the most popular flipbook uses. You can link to it just as easily as you would a standard web page, but the format is bound to have a much greater impact. Your best work deserves a stellar platform, after all!


Step-by-step guide

Businesses nowadays are always looking for ways to which they can add value for their customers – and a flipbook offers an excellent opportunity to tick this box. By creating a step-by-step guide in the flipbook format, businesses are offering a free, informational resource to their customer base; a move which is sure to earn real loyalty points. You could even include a ‘share’ button at the end of your flipbook – who knows, some of your customers might feel moved to do some promotion for you!


The next time you’re due to give a presentation, don’t just revert to your tried-and-tested slideshow software – why not try something new? Create a flipbook instead, with external links, embedded videos and a stylish layout. You can project the flipbook onto a larger screen while you’re carrying out your presentation, and then email it to all attendees afterwards, allowing them to flip through it and follow the external links in their own time.


Have you got any innovative flipbook uses? Has our piece inspired you to pick up the flipbook baton for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Last modified: August 10, 2016

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